Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for a good reason. The island has something for everyone, from stunning beaches to the most beautiful landscapes in Indonesia. Seminyak is one of the most popular areas in Bali, thanks to its excellent restaurants, nightlife, and shopping. 

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, you’ll want the ultimate breakdown of what to do and where to stay in Seminyak. In this blog post, we’ll give you a guide to staying in this vibrant area of the island.



Seminyak is easily accessible by car, scooter, or taxi. You can rent a car or scooter and drive around the area yourself, but if you don’t feel confident driving in unfamiliar surroundings, download the app GRAB and request a taxi. The drivers are reliable and will take you where you need to go quickly and safely.


Where to Stay in Seminyak

There are plenty of accommodation options available in Seminyak, ranging from budget guesthouses and hostels to luxury villas and resorts. The area is well-known for its beach resorts and villas that have tons of amenities and onsite restaurants. However, if you want a bit more privacy, then private villas would be your best choice. Here are the top accommodations in Seminyak:


  • Bali Villa 8: These villas are really spacious and perfect for families. Ideally situated next to Seminyak’s most famous dining spots, shops and beaches, they are the perfect base for your Seminyak stay.
  • Kamil Villas: If you’re looking for a truly private and luxurious escape, Kamil Villas are a perfect choice. These one-bedroom villas come with their own private pools and are just a few minutes away from the beach.
  • The Legian In Seminyak Bali: This hotel is one of the best in Seminyak, thanks to its upscale design, modern amenities, and beachfront location. It’s just a few steps from the nightlife district, making it ideal for those looking to enjoy all that Seminyak has to offer.
  • Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort: With only a six-minute walk from Seminyak nightlight and shopping, the Anantara Seminyak is the perfect spot for a luxury retreat. The resort has stunning ocean views, luxurious rooms and villas, an infinity pool overlooking the beach, and excellent dining options.


How Long Should You Stay In Seminyak?

The length of your stay in Seminyak should depend on what you want to do. If you just want to relax and enjoy the beach, as well as an immersive experience with plenty of activities and sightseeing, then we recommend at least two to three nights in this area. However, if you don’t like busy roads and tons of people, then visiting busier areas of Bali like Seminyak, Kuta and Canggu should be avoided.


Dining & Drinking In Seminyak

Seminyak is well-known for its world-class restaurants and bars. You can find everything from fine dining to casual eateries, all of which offer a unique culinary experience. The area also has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options if you’re looking for something more health-conscious.

bodyworks spa bali

The Best Spas In Seminyak

Seminyak is home to some of the best spas in Bali, offering everything from massages and facials to body treatments. While you can find a ton of cheap spas, we suggest paying a little bit more, so you get a better experience. Here are a couple of good ones

  • Sundari Day Spa: Sundari offers a ton of treatments, from facials and body wraps to massage therapy.
  • Body Works Bali: For traditional massage and body treatments, head to Body Works. This luxurious spa offers a wide range of treatments, all designed to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Things To Do In Seminyak

If you’re looking for things to do in Seminyak, there are plenty of activities and attractions! Here are some of the best:


Visit The Beach

Most people come to Bali for the beach. While it’s not great for swimming, it is a great area to enjoy the sunshine, people watch, or for a long walk since you can walk to Kuta or Canggu, depending on the direction you go. As you walk along the beach, you’ll find a ton of bars set up with tables, bean bags, and chairs, serving up amazing cocktails, cheap beer, and snacks, as well as offering great music.


Shopping In Jl Kayu Aya

Seminyak is a great place for shopping, and you’ll find a range of boutiques and stores that offer everything from high-end designer labels to unique local creations. Some of the best places to shop are Jl Kayu Aya (aka ‘Oberoi Street’) which is lined with shops selling stylish fashion, homewares, art, furniture, and much more.


Visit Pura Petitenget

Pura Petitenget is a Hindu temple located in the heart of Seminyak, and it’s one of the most important temples in Bali. It has been said to be over 500 years old and is a stunning structure that features intricate carvings and beautiful ornamentation. You can visit the temple to learn more about Balinese culture and Hinduism, or just admire the beautiful architecture.


Take A Yoga Class At Yoga 108

Yoga 108 is a popular yoga studio located in the heart of Seminyak. The studio offers an array of classes from beginner to advanced levels, as well as workshops and retreats. The beautiful garden setting provides an ideal backdrop for relaxation and meditation.


Try Out A Surf Lesson

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the area, why not try a surf lesson? There are plenty of places in Seminyak to take lessons or rent boards. The waves here aren’t as big as those found in Uluwatu, but they are fun and consistent. If you are a beginner, we recommend heading to Canggu, just 20 minutes away offering the best conditions for learning the basics. The best instructors are from Putu Surf Kolektif. Message them on Instagram of Facebook to book your private lesson or group session. 


Enjoy A Night Out

Seminyak is also known for its vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of great bars and clubs to explore, ranging from chilled-out beach bars to lively dance clubs. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out or an all-night rager, Seminyak has something for everyone!


Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Visit To Seminyak And The Rest Of Bali

Choose The Right Location: Location is key when staying in Seminyak as the traffic can be heavy, especially during dinner time. Instead of spending your time stuck in a car, choose to stay in the areas of Petitenget, Drupadi, and Kayu Aya since they are best suited for restaurants, shopping, and the beach.


Go With The Flow

Seminyak is a busy area, and it can be chaotic. To make the most out of your visit, take the time to experience what Bali has to offer without getting too stressed out about your plans. Relax and enjoy the culture, people, food, and activities that Seminyak has to offer!


Don’t Stress About Driving

There are very few followed rules when it comes to driving in Bali, so it can be a bit intimidating to try and drive. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the best way to get around is by using Grab, which is a great service that will help you get from A to B with ease.


Wear Mosquito Spray

South Bali has mosquitoes and other bugs, which can make your stay a bit uncomfortable. Make sure to bring plenty of insect repellent with you, as well as long-sleeved clothing to cover up and avoid being bitten!


Be Nice To The Hawkers

The average wage in Bali is around 130 USD per month, so please be kind to the hawkers and support their businesses. They usually won’t push you too hard to buy something, so if you’re not interested, just politely decline and move on.


Learn The Local Lingo

Learning a few words of the local language can go a long way when traveling in Seminyak. You’ll be sure to get a warm welcome from locals if you’re able to say a few simple phrases. Here are a few must-know words:

Good morning – Selamat pagi

  • Good afternoon – Selamat sore
  • Good evening – Selamat Malam
  • How are you – Apa kabar
  • Thank you very much- Terimaksih banyak
  • No thanks – I don’t want – tidak terima kasih saya tidak mau


Come Visit Us In Bali

Seminyak is an incredibly popular destination in Bali, and it’s easy to understand why. From its vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and plenty of shopping options, it’s the perfect destination for any traveler. However, wherever you visit Bali, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. Just make sure to plan ahead, bring the right things, and, most importantly, be respectful of the locals.


At Samanvaya, we hope this guide helps you to enjoy everything that beautiful Bali has to offer. If you enjoyed our ultimate guide to Seminyak, we welcome you to learn more about our adults-only accommodationsspecial offers, or wellness facilities, don’t hesitate to reach out.