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Samanvaya 'Adults only' - Resort & Spa

Nestled in the picturesque village of Tabola in the Sidemen valley of Bali, Samanvaya Resort is a haven of luxury exclusively for adults. Established in 2017 by Tracey and Rob, former police Detective Sergeants from New Zealand, Samanvaya emerged from our desire to break free from the ordinary and embrace a slower, more fulfilling lifestyle. Our experiences in the New Zealand Police and a deployment to the Solomon Islands opened our eyes to the endless possibilities beyond the conventional routine, and Bali had always been our refuge.

Enchanted by the serene and timeless qualities of Sidemen, we were captivated by the mesmerizing views of rice fields, rolling hills, tropical forests, authentic temples, and cultural sites that this region offers. It was a place untainted by mass tourism, allowing us to truly connect with its unspoiled nature and find a tranquil escape.

At the core of Samanvaya lies our exceptional team, all hailing from the local and nearby villages, deeply rooted in the local community. Our dedicated staff embody the true essence of Balinese hospitality, going above and beyond to ensure every guest’s stay is unforgettable and enriching. The genuine care and devotion of our staff radiate through every interaction, whether it’s providing local recommendations, sharing captivating stories about Balinese culture, or attending to the smallest details to ensure guest comfort and provide a truly remarkable experience.

Understanding the impact of tourism on local communities, we recognize the significance of responsible tourism and strive to extend the benefits of our resort beyond our immediate staff, contributing to the economic development of the region. Hence, we are committed to supporting the Sidemen community through our Support Sidemen initiative, an embodiment of community empowerment.

This initiative aims to assist individuals and families in need, particularly those who do not directly benefit from the tourism industry, thereby promoting both economic development and community empowerment. Additionally, Support Sidemen offers various programs such as exchanging rice for plastic waste, providing aid to local schools, organizing clean-up initiatives, promoting environmental education, and supporting our local rice farmers, creating a positive cycle of sustainable development.

Throughout our resort, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. From operating as close to zero waste as possible and minimizing plastic usage to sourcing local products, using filtered water, employing sustainable materials, and eliminating single-use products, we are dedicated to practicing eco-consciousness, thus ensuring breathtaking views for generations to come.

Samanvaya transcends being just a luxury retreat; it is a place where guests and the local community converge, fostering harmony and mutual support. Through our unwavering commitment to exceptional hospitality and community empowerment, we have created a sanctuary where everyone can forge connections, find inspiration, and cultivate a shared appreciation for the splendor of Sidemen and Balinese culture, ultimately contributing to both personal growth and the overall betterment of the local community.

By choosing to stay at Samanvaya Resort, you not only embark on an enriching personal experience but also become an integral part of our broader mission to support the local community and contribute to its sustainable economic development.

We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to Samanvaya.

Warm regards,

Tracey and Rob

Learn more about our Support Sidemen initiative here.