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Welcome to the Samanvaya Blog


By crosskeyscottage, Jul 1 2016 03:32AM

On the 28th June, Samanvaya became 4 years old. The Agni Horta ceremony was held to purify and regenerate the energy of Samanvaya, its surrounds and its people. This ceremony is an ancient fire ritual from India. Agnihotra (agni means fire, hotra means healing) and is performed by Brahmin priests and Mangku's.

Samanvaya is blessed in having a wonderful group of guys and girls that have become our family and today was a day to come together and celebrate.....Thank You to you all for being there.

By crosskeyscottage, Jun 23 2016 03:49AM

Busy stocking The Gallery with some great new gifts. Ideal to take home with you - small, lightweight, good quality and fair price. Weaving, wood, rattan to name but a few........

By crosskeyscottage, Feb 29 2016 01:54PM

Here the villagers are taking the tower and ashes to the river after the cremation. On the way, they will throw the tower back and forth in order to confuse the spirit so it cannot find its way back home. Once the ashes are taken to the river, they will flow to the sea to be purified by the water. The spirit can then return to heaven to begin the process of reincarnation.

It always rains at a cremation, today is no exception! Tomorrow should be sunny!

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We are excited to introduce you to our new blog. This is where we plan to share what is happening at Samanvaya, Sidemen Village and the surrounding areas.


We hope you will enjoy your visit.